Subject Material Covered in a Child Care Centre

Every child needs a certain structure in her/his life. The journey to achieving this comes into fore when they attend school. In the past, children were not required to attend child care, unless there was a pressing need.

Today, the relevance remains on point – without the basic medium of learning ; the little one will find it difficult in the later years. Let us look at the subject material covered in a variety of child care centers and the role they play down the line.

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In the early years, children are not expected to know everything about the subject. They are taught the basics – comprehending numbers and the values that they offer. Once they are able to digest this basic, they learn to count and do so out loud. At this point of time the teacher includes basic arithmetic with addition, subtraction, multiplying and division, without too much detailing. By using simple ways to energize the minds of children, like adding pieces to a pie, children are able to comprehend the need for simple sums.


Knowing what science brings to the table with simple experiments is quite an exciting feat for the little ones. Mixing up colors and watching bubbles form in different hues is extremely fascinating for kids. Egging them on a

hunt for healthy food also gets them thinking and learning about vegetables, fruits, greens, meats and other edibles that are a part of daily life. They also learn that science is learning about the workings of the human body and the environment. The objective of a child care center is to make sure that children relish the idea of what science brings to the table.


Teaching a child a language other than her/his home language can take a while for them to understand. However, since the mind of a child is pretty much like a sponge, this is the right age to get them to broaden their

horizons. The letters of the alphabet in a new language is taught to get them to decipher the difference in phonetics and the use of the letters. Once they are able to comprehend this basic, they move onto words and putting a name to the picture in the book, on the whiteboard or on the Smartphone.


It is of immense relevance today to teach a smattering of technology to kids. Since they are fed with a daily dose of television, the use of the computer, some knowledge of games on the phone, it is but necessary to impart a

certain wisdom of technology in the mind of a young kid. The objective at the school is to make sure that they do not go too high with the information, but provide value education that makes learning technology in brief, relevant. If a child does not comprehend the basics of touch screen science, s/he will feel left out as peers go on ahead without them.

Extra Curricular Activities

Varieties of options like drama, poetry, drawing, painting, singing, recitation, and other forms of activities helps develop the brain of the child. All work and no medium of release can cause a certain upset in the cerebral

cortex of the brain. Ergo, the necessity of drawing children out of their shyness and finding a cause that they can adapt to – anything available in school, and work out the extracurricular activities. Down the line it will help her/him in getting a good credit for the later years in school and university.


Try keeping a child indoors or without any respite from the drudgery of studying and you will find a sulky little one. Aside from the need to jump around on the jungle gym or playing in the sand, throwing the ball to classmates and other forms of games, kids relate well to play. Of course, with the advent of the internet and smart gaming, they may just opt to peer into the smart phone. The idea is to get them out, run, and play instead of being cooped up in class.

In conclusion, each nursery adapts to the subject matter and covers it in different ways, but the basic remains the same – inculcating a sense of love for learning in every sphere of life.

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