Importance of a Playground

The strong foundation of a child in every aspect of development is the aim of an academic curriculum when learning at pre nursery, such as at Mulberry Learning Pre Nursery. Stimulating the physical, mental, emotional and social environment of the child allows growth and learning. As a child and newbie to the education system, the attention span is very short. Refreshing the minds for better learning, breaks or intervals at strategically timed periods can help achieve these goals. Obesity, fatigue, and boredom due to repetition can be major setbacks for a teacher as she is still training the child to get acquainted with studying.

RSVP now for your child to benefit from playground style of teaching. Exercise is just as important as learning. The mind will be ready to learn if the body cooperates as well. The importance of a playground is:-

1) Concentration – The improvement of motor skills and good physical strength can lead to better performance in class activities. Alertness and attentiveness can be seen in children who play on the playground during the interval. They feel refreshed and energized. There is also an improvement in coordination and balance.

2) Harmony learning to compromise and give others a turn helps there be harmony and peace in a classroom as they respect each other. Games like see-saw, swing, and slides require children to take turns and play. Respecting each other is vital in character building, as this develops a sense of empathy towards peers rather than jealousy or a negative attitude. Children develop an understanding of problem-solving skills as they put them into practice. Communication, collaboration and sharing with one another portray appreciation of diversity in others.

3) Independence while playing as a group, there is not only general maturity but also the personal growth of every child. When such attributes are prominent in a child, the character building technique used by the teacher proves to be effective and efficient. Developing social skills is also an objective of playground based learning. Imagination and creativity are encouraged as well. While play games, children try their best to win, persistence and perseverance lead to success.

4) Health – Running or walking on grass is medically proven to be healthy for the human body. Breathing in fresh air helps all the organs in the body to work harmoniously with each other. The immunity system strengthens as the children play, reducing the chances of illnesses easily affecting them. As the children are active, they feel hungry and eat their meals on time. Drinking water regularly is also good for the system.

The playground is a crucial part of an educational institute. It is important to be connected to the outside world like playgrounds, parks, and garden to keep our connection with nature intact.

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