Subject Material Covered in a Child Care Centre

Every child needs a certain structure in her/his life. The journey to achieving this comes into fore when they attend school. In the past, children were not required to attend child care, unless there was a pressing need.

Today, the relevance remains on point – without the basic medium of learning ; the little one will find it difficult in the later years. Let us look at the subject material covered in a variety of child care centers and the role they play down the line.

If you are looking for a nursery to kick start your child’s education, you should consider Chiltern House nursery school for their holistic and engaging curriculum.


In the early years, children are not expected to know everything about the subject. They are taught the basics – comprehending numbers and the values that they offer. Once they are able to digest this basic, they learn to count and do so out loud. At this point of time the teacher includes basic arithmetic with addition, subtraction, multiplying and division, without too much detailing. By using simple ways to energize the minds of children, like adding pieces to a pie, children are able to comprehend the need for simple sums.


Knowing what science brings to the table with simple experiments is quite an exciting feat for the little ones. Mixing up colors and watching bubbles form in different hues is extremely fascinating for kids. Egging them on a

hunt for healthy food also gets them thinking and learning about vegetables, fruits, greens, meats and other edibles that are a part of daily life. They also learn that science is learning about the workings of the human body and the environment. The objective of a child care center is to make sure that children relish the idea of what science brings to the table.


Teaching a child a language other than her/his home language can take a while for them to understand. However, since the mind of a child is pretty much like a sponge, this is the right age to get them to broaden their

horizons. The letters of the alphabet in a new language is taught to get them to decipher the difference in phonetics and the use of the letters. Once they are able to comprehend this basic, they move onto words and putting a name to the picture in the book, on the whiteboard or on the Smartphone.


It is of immense relevance today to teach a smattering of technology to kids. Since they are fed with a daily dose of television, the use of the computer, some knowledge of games on the phone, it is but necessary to impart a

certain wisdom of technology in the mind of a young kid. The objective at the school is to make sure that they do not go too high with the information, but provide value education that makes learning technology in brief, relevant. If a child does not comprehend the basics of touch screen science, s/he will feel left out as peers go on ahead without them.

Extra Curricular Activities

Varieties of options like drama, poetry, drawing, painting, singing, recitation, and other forms of activities helps develop the brain of the child. All work and no medium of release can cause a certain upset in the cerebral

cortex of the brain. Ergo, the necessity of drawing children out of their shyness and finding a cause that they can adapt to – anything available in school, and work out the extracurricular activities. Down the line it will help her/him in getting a good credit for the later years in school and university.


Try keeping a child indoors or without any respite from the drudgery of studying and you will find a sulky little one. Aside from the need to jump around on the jungle gym or playing in the sand, throwing the ball to classmates and other forms of games, kids relate well to play. Of course, with the advent of the internet and smart gaming, they may just opt to peer into the smart phone. The idea is to get them out, run, and play instead of being cooped up in class.

In conclusion, each nursery adapts to the subject matter and covers it in different ways, but the basic remains the same – inculcating a sense of love for learning in every sphere of life.

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Tips to prepare your kid for kindergarten in Singapore

Are you planning to admit your child in a kindergarten? Kindergarten in Singapore is a great place where your child can learn and develop in an effective way. There is specified equipment and materials with the help of which children get to know about important concepts. All these concepts are essential for their future success. Although it is hard to find a good quality kindergarten for your kid, if the essential elements are considered carefully, it will not be a much challenging task.

One such school is Chiltern House Kindergarten School. They have a holistic system to help your child grow, and have one of the best childcare facilities in Singapore. If you are willing to give your child the best kindergarten experience, look no more and enroll your child here today.

If you are a parent looking to send your young one to a preschool in the CBD area, check out Chiltern House Forum.


The next step is to prepare your child for the kindergarten. Here are some tips that will help you in this regard:

Book reading activity:

It is essential to familiarize your children with the books. For this purpose, there is a need to allocate some time for them on daily basis. It should be an important thing that every child must know. For getting admission in kindergarten in Singapore, kids must have all the basic knowledge. Reading books on a regular basis will improve several abilities in the kids that will help them in their future.

Development of fine motor skills:

The next important thing to consider while preparing for kindergarten in Singapore is to develop the fine motor skills. Although this cannot be done properly as it takes a lot of time. This is the reason there is a reason to start early. By engaging them in several activities before the start of a formal process, it will be easier to carry out the process in later life.

Pay attention to the manners:

Living inside a home and spending time in a formal setting is different. Within the home, there are several people who are always there for the kids to ignore their mistakes. Also, they will be provided with the chances to correct their mistakes every now and then. This is not the case in the formal settings. Within formal settings, kids have to behave in specified manners. The behavior of this kind will make them disciplined. Before they get introduced to the concept of manners, it is best to teach them these before the start of kindergarten in Singapore.

Allow them to socialize:

Kindergarten is all about performing and getting engaged into activities in which several other kids will be involved. They need to work in an environment with the collaboration of other kids and the teacher. All this can be done effectively only when the kids will be able to communicate in an effective way. In case of inability, it will be difficult to get desired results. This is the reason you need to teach your kids the effective ways of communicating their message to the other people around them.

Help them in taking responsibility:

Your child is growing with every passing day. They need to know that they have to handle themselves in a better way. For this purpose, they need to take responsibility for their own. Also, they must know that their actions belong to them. They will have to face all the consequences related to these actions. With this knowledge, they will be able to become responsible at the right time of their age.

Number recognition:

Whenever a person is trying to develop new abilities in them, it takes a lot of time. It is best to allow your kid to understand all the number and recognize them before the start of the kindergarten. In this way, their learning will speed up and better results can be expected.

In conclusion, attending a kindergarten is the phase your child needs to get ready for the next transition to primary school. Whatever remaining skills or experiences they have yet to gain, they need to acquire it by kindergarten. When formal education starts, there is little time for your child to develop these as the competition will be tough.

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All You Need To Know About Childcare In Singapore

As guardians, we just need the best for our youngsters, so we strive to have the capacity to give them only the very best. The incongruity is, working longer hours implies investing less energy with them, which could prompt parental disregard when you leave your young kid at home without a caretaker. If there was an approach to work AND watch over your kid in the meantime, without making yourself insane, that would be absolutely great. But since its almost next to impossible, childcare’s have come up all over the world to take care of your child while you are away.

Depending on what you can bear, you can get assistants, freelancers or send your youngster to a full fledged childcare centre. There are different sorts of childcare choices, however, they all fundamentally mean a similar thing: Someone to tend to and oversee your kid or youngsters, more often than not between the ages of a month and a half to 13 years.

As opposed to prevalent thinking, sending your children to a childcare centre in singapore or employing help doesn’t imply that a youngster would be growing up with less love than when he or she is looked after exclusively by their parent(s).

On the off chance that anything, it implies more love from various gatherings, and quality care from a youthful age can positively affect their future, for example, getting a head begin on figuring out how to read, write and talk. Long story short, everything boils down to how you handle your kid’s childcaredo you give your tyke’s overseer a chance to do the majority of your child’s work or you only let them help you? Trick is to be your childs best friend while letting someone help you take care of him/her.

How Much Does Childcare in Singapore Cost?

Since you know about the choice for childcare, we should take a gander at the expenses. There are 3 sorts of childcare accessible to you in Singapore, which are:

Pre-school or Childcare focuses

It depends upon whether you select an entire day or half-day childcare program and how small your child is, the normal cost of entire day newborn child childcare is about SGD 1.5k a month.

Sitters or Nannies

There are independent sitters and caretakers and there are live-in babysitters (normally remote specialists). Specialists can cost up to SGD 900 a month while live-in caretakers can begin from as low as SGD 1.5k a month.

Working at a children friendly office or cooperating space

Rates relying upon your working course of actionif your organization is working in an office where brings your own kids is permitted or if there’s a playpen in it, at that point you’re fundamentally paying nothing additional. Else, you may need to pay for the cost of working in a collaborating space.

It is very important that you form a friendly bond with your child while you are taking help from an outside source to raise your child. More often than not, parents tend to look over connecting with their child while being busy with work which causes an adverse affect on the childs upbringing. A parent-child bond cannot be imitated or replaced.

Premium childcares come with facilities that are educational for the children. This helps their smooth transitioning to school and makes the kids social before even entering schools. There are many contemporary daycares such as churches, nannies etc who take care of your child while you are away. There are multiple options to consider, when it comes to preschool or .

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Children are a joy pack for parents. Hence, it is essential for parents to know if their children are developing and growing. Caring for small kids can be considered a demanding but incredibly rewarding profession, and families need trustworthiness to work with.

There are many things to observe when you start a small business and opening a small business day-care requires initiative and hard work.

To achieve this, individuals must establish a list of goals and objectives.

If you are serious about finding a good childcare for your child, you should consider Chiltern House. Do visit this Chiltern House review for a fair assessment of the school’s activities and curriculum.


– Provide quality treatment and comfort in a safe and friendly environment. Offer an early learning program through the involvement of prepared play activities that allow children to develop and permit them to attain their full probable.

– Protect and encourage children and focus on positive behaviour. Help develop children’s confidence and a program in which children can improve themselves and others through play.

– Provide creative and imaginative play opportunities where children explore their identity and help build their self-esteem. Develop a positive image, a sense of self-esteem and competence.

– Learn to live effectively with others and to promote their rights and the rights of others. Create opportunities for successful, intellectual and social physics.

– Facilitate and expand language skills, stimulate curiosity and strengthen motor skills and fine.

– Develop emotional stability by helping children deal with their feelings and understanding the difference between how they feel and how they act. Help children develop social awareness through interaction with and accept other responsible children and adults.


– Make sure the attending staff are knowledgeable, qualified, pleasant and professional. Provide effective management of staff, trainees and volunteers through supervision, support, and training. Promote equal opportunities through our policies and reflect this philosophy through practice and care in our years.

– Develop a partnership with parents, involving parents in caring for children and showing information and concerns.

– To build up children’s knowledge of respect for variety through games and books.

– Provide healthy, safe and secure food for children:

– Develop a healthy eating program and support the health and well-being of children.

– Promote a strict no-smoking policy and try to create a healthy smoke-free environment for children.

– Promote a good self-image in each child, providing an environment that encourages independence, decision-making and problem-solving:

– Encourage each child in their growth development by providing an environment that promotes learning through activities, research, and explorations

– Help each child gain better control and knowledge of their body through interaction with the environment, materials, and equipment

– Help each child develop language skills that allow the expression of thoughts and feelings as well as an opportunity to increase knowledge

– Promote the appreciation of the cultural and ethnic diversity of their family and community; Discrimination in any form is not tolerated; And developing a cooperative, informative and respectful relationship with families.

These principles reflect our underlying philosophy: a good program will recognize the uniqueness of each child. We offer children an environment where the greatest potential opportunities to experience safe, stimulating, healthy and enjoyable for growth. Caring for a high-quality child can have a positive influence on children’s development and school preparation by providing valuable educational and social experiences.

Our goal is to provide high-quality care for children based on social values, and we are trying to create a caring environment where children grow and thrive. It is an honour and a privilege to operate at the centre of our community, and we thank you for giving your child our care.

We ensure High-quality child care for children is accessible to all children.

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Give Your Child a Head Start

Nothing can get as frustrating for a parent than not being able to provide the child with a quality education. There is a great necessity especially in the 21st century, which did start in the earlier years too, where an emphasis was on preschool education. Gone are the days when kids learned a smattering of informative content at home. Over the years, a great emphasis has been on the need to begin at grass root level. Here are child care centre such as Chiltern House bring out the genius in the child.

Letter and Numbers

Learning the letters of the alphabet is a part of the syllabus in the nursery as is learning the numbers and counting them from a simple digit to two and three digits. Along the way, children are taught to add certain items as they learn to subtract them, divide the spoils, and add more through multiplying. The journey is not as extreme as in the later classes, but it provides them with a simple angled lens to decipher the differences between numbers and letters.

Nursery Rhymes

All children love the idea of recitation and nursery rhymes definitely get them geared to better their knowledge base. As they repeat all the rhymes that have a nice ring with the sounds, they learn about Jack and Jill, Three Little Kittens, Old Mother Hubbard, and much more. The reason why rhyming works is that phonetics plays quite an imperative role for a child. As they do, they are ready to read along the way and improve their literacy skills.

Social Skills

Weaning a child away from the parent can take a while, but it has to be done, for her/him to get to the next stage. At the nursery, children learn to make friends with their peers and socialize, irrespective of color, class, or religion. This is the time when kids are not privy to the large scheme of intolerance, their innocence gets them to befriend anyone who makes them happy and gets them. Social skills start at an early age where the concept of learning to interact and share becomes the norm. Trying to agree to disagree also becomes quite an imperative in the life of the child at this stage.

Play Time

Any time away from boring topics perks not only young minds but also even the elderly. At the nursery, children are encouraged to play with their classmates and younger kids in the play area. Using their social skills, they share their props like the ball and spade and other playthings with other kids. As they let down their hair and give into their inner sportsperson, they learn that they have an inkling for a certain game. Teachers at the nursery school keep an eye on kids while they play to ensure that they do not get into an accident and are safe.


Children learn about plant life and animal life in the early years. Teachers draw a parallel between seeds and the method of using them to grow plants. For instance, children can count the number of seeds in an orange.Information relating to climate plays a key role. They also learn about the life cycle of animals like puppies, butterflies, human beings, fish, frogs, lizards and other animals. As they measure the growth rate between animals and plants, they are also encouraged to learn about health and food habits. The curriculum is designed so that boredom does not creep into the subject.

Aside from all these most important facets in the learning curve at nursery, children are also taught about emotional and personal development. By encouraging them to rely on their self-confidence, they find it easier to adapt to the world at large. These basics give children a head start.

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Choosing the Right Childcare Centre in Singapore

Choosing a Singapore childcare centre may be a difficult decision. Not only because you have multiple options to choose from but the fact that parting from your precious child is never easy. Placing the care of your young child in someone elses responsibility is a significant step to take; especially after you have been the primary caretaker since their birth.

In a busy city like Singapore, it is not uncommon that both parents work. This often leaves the problem of unattended children, especially if they are not of the school going age. Therefore, parents are inclined to look for a quality Singapore childcare centre.

To determine what Singapore childcare centre will be preferable for your young child, we have listed a few factors below.

Number of Children and Adults

A childcare centre works based on a model where a number of children are assigned to one adult. You must figure out how many children does one adult manage. The fewer the number of children under one adult, the better will be the supervision. Moreover, determine how many children the centre is catering to. A significant number of children and responsible adults supervising means that the childcare centre is well-established and trusted within the community.

Qualified and Experienced Caregivers

When you meet the owner of the childcare centre, determine if they hire qualified caregivers. Many caregivers are specifically trained in child-related issues and have relevant educational degrees in the field. They may be skilled in child psychology, nutrition, and similar subjects. A childcare centre hiring such caregivers is more suitable for the children due to the healthy environment they can create.

In the same line of thought, it is always better if the caregivers have long-term experience in the field. It is even better if they have worked within the same childcare facility for a few years.

Accreditation with National Organizations

In order to ensure that a childcare facility is meeting the standards for the service, they must be approved by certain national authorities. These authorities have set standards for the environments and amenities provided for the children. They provide licenses to the childcare facilities once they are satisfied that it meets the required rules and regulations. Choosing accredited child care facilities will give you the peace of mind that the facility is accountable to a higher authority in case something goes wrong.

Check Out the Facility for Yourself

It is good to start by talking to the owner of the facility and the caregivers available. But you should have a personal insight into what goes around on a daily basis at the location. Request for a few hours observation. Determine how the caregivers generally treat the children, what kind of children are already present there to ensure that your kid can fit in, hygiene and safety conditions, and more that you may immediately notice. Talk to parents of the already admitted children if you come across them.

Start your search for a Singapore childcare centre as early as possible. This gives you time to review multiple facilities. It is also important to find a facility that is both easily accessible from your home and work. This will provide you with a sense of security that you can reach your child quickly if needed. On the other hand, dont let your guard down completely once your child has been admitted to the facility. Try visiting the facility unannounced at times. For example, you can always arrive a little before pick up time. This will allow you to determine if the facility is fulfilling the standards they promised.

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What Your Kids Should Know Before Starting Preschool

It is the dream of every parent that their child has a strong start in life. This is where the preschools come to the rescue. A preschool gives a solid foundation for a successful future in school. If you worry that your child might not be ready for preschool, there are numerous ways to help your child prepare for this important transition before they start preschool.

Appreciate Independence

Children not only learn from their successful endeavors but also their mistakes. When your child is in a challenging situation, give them some time to find a solution to cope with it. Children learn fast and that is why you should let them be on their own while performing some activities like opening a lunch box, closing their bags, washing hands etc. This will give them confidence in their preschool.

Potty Training

Potty training is a complex matter. Before choosing a preschool, inquire about the potty training policy. Some schools require independent toileting and that is where you have to be careful. If your child is not developed enough to be potty trained, dont force them. Give them time to learn how to keep their diaper dry for at least an hour. If they learn it, they are ready to be potty trained.

Teach Discipline

Before sending your child to a preschool, teach them how to be organized. You will have to work closely with them to teach them on how to keep their clothes, toys and other items organized in their room. Use baskets to teach them to store their belongings in them. This is a good way to start. After the play session, tell them to clean all the space and keep all the items at the place where they belong.

Develop Social Skills

Social readiness should be a priority. Going to a preschool is your childs first experience of socialization. You should help your child develop social skills like sharing, taking turns, playing with fellow children and participating actively in activities. Moreover, you should also teach your child basic manners like greeting others and respecting the elders. Train your child to say words like thank you and excuse me to make them considerate.

Encourage Communication Skills

When it comes to school success, talking and listening to others is extremely valuable. Being a parent, you get countless opportunities to develop your childs language skills. To begin with, talk about their daily routine, share your activities just to make them confident that they can also discuss their issues and routine with you. Introduce them to new words so that their vocabulary increases significantly and they get to learn their own language more.

Get the Basics Right

Prior to preschool, teach your child their full name, the parents names and the address of their home. You can do this just to ensure that the child answers all the initial questions asked by the teachers. Moreover, if your child has some allergy or special health need, make sure that the child knows about it so that they can communicate it to the teacher and other instructors at the preschools.

These are some things that your child should the benefits of preschool in singapore . If your child knows these things, he/she will become the favorite of the teachers in the preschool and have the added confidence in their personality when they attend the preschool. Furthermore, if the child knows some nursery rhymes, it can be fruitful in the preschool as they will know it already and will enjoy them more with the teacher.

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Different types of child care services available in Singapore

Are you planning to consider a Child care services in Singapore for your kid? There are several options available for every parent. All you need to do is to select the one that best suits your requirements. However, it is important to note the type of child care in which you child can develop effectively. Considering a child care for your child can be done due to several reasons. These may include that you need some time for your tasks or care for other kids. It is also essential for the better development of your kids as they will be engaged in several learning activities that will boost up their intelligence levels.

Types of child care:

There are different kinds of Child care in Singapore centers that provide care to your children in different ways. All these types have their own important points. The decision can be made on the basis of their specialties. Here are the major types of Child care in Singapore:

In house care provider:

The first type of Child care in Singapore you can get for your kid is in the form of nanny or an in house care provider. The best thing about selecting this type is that the nanny will involve emotionally with the kid and will be able to spend multiple hours. They, at the same time, will work on the teaching and education of the children. If you are planning to consider this option, you dont have to rush every morning to a day care center to drop your kid. Instead, the nanny will be there and your kid doesnt have to go to some other place.

Day care center:

The next option for Child care in Singapore is the day care center for the kids. It is a place where there are several kids who get involved in various activities. These activities can be learning based or playing based only. However, all of these kids are cared by some professionals of the day care. As a result, they spend time with their fellow kids in a safe and secure environment. One of the best things about day care is that it provides parents with the opportunities to leave their kid in an educational environment where their kids will develop in an effective way.

Day care center provides a lot of opportunities to the kids so that they can socialize with other individuals as well. As a result, kids learn to communicate in an effective way with the kids and other adults. This socialization allows them to learn a lot of new things and concepts that will benefit them in their later life.

Family day care:

Another option of Child care in Singapore is the family day care. It is quite different from other types of the child care option. A family day care is a place where your kid will have to live with a certain family. Care is provided to the kid by the head of the family and the kids will spend some time with the whole family. This can be done with a family who lives in the neighborhood. It is best to select a family who has few kids. In this way, your child will be able to develop social skills. Also, by considering a Child care in Singapore the transition to school or to some formal Institute will become easier.

These are the major types of Child care in Singapore you can consider for your kid. Dont forget to analyze all the needs of your kids before you finalize your decision.

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